Hi guys, i'm here to introduce an European Amp Company named Vexel Amplifiers, we are getting some really nice reviews and recognition across the blues and jazz community so far.
Right now we are producing two models, the Vexel Kappa Classic 60 and it's brother the Vexel Overdrive 60.
They are is made in Portugal, not only designed in Portugal, (and it makes a difference!) it is an hybrid amp with a really juicy valve sound and some old school feeling(if you know what i mean) in it.
I first got to know this amp, due to the fact of knowing a famous portuguese guitar player wich had recently bought one (The Vexel Classic) , well, i got so curious about it, that later on, i got in contact with the factory myself.
Making a long story short, i just felt in love with this amp and with all the Vexel Staff!
When you get one in your hands you just feel that this amp is made to last! It is small and elegant, and it sounds right!
It has the sparkling of a vintage boutique amp but it cost less than some chinese amps in the market, thats right, this babe costs something aroud 500 Euros.
The Eq has no blind spaces, a little touch on a knob and you can just feel the difference ! It comes with a Input Gain knob, a Sub Bass Knob (to control in a easier way the low frequencies), and the traditional Bass, Mid and Treble Knobs.
The Eq also comes with a Filter Knob, in wich you may choose to cut the high or the low frequencies or just turn it off, it all depends on your intention ( i personally like the low cut for recording aplications).
The Overdrive version comes with an Overdive knob and a switch, it has the feeling of those old fuzz pedals from the 70s, you will spot right away a tone that you reconize from that time.
Also It has no plastic in it, this is a 100% solid metal, no plastic knobs or switches to save money!
The Vexel has 60 Watts of power at 8 ohms, and i tell you, it screams blues and jazz and classic rock all over it!
I have no doubt that in a few years, many players wil be choosing Vexel.
Here a video from a famous portuguese jazz player Andre Fernandes.
[forbidden link]
I hope you guys enjoy, all the best, Jorge!
Hi Jorge,
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