Well, a paraplegic crack baby has "potential", so yes. But, let's put it this way: you've got a long way to go before that "potential" lets you anywhere near it. Your enunciation is like trying to do a tongue twister gagged with a cotton swab, your pitch is wavy (and not in a cool way), and you have the projection of a pin being dropped at a dubstep show inside a jet engine. This thread can help you, if you're really interested in improving. (And if you're not, then nothing short of kidnapping your parents, and making you sing for their release, can help you.)
Not bad. Just try to belt it out more. I can hardly sing & play at the same time (I assume that's what you're doing). Record the guitar first (assuming you can do multi-track recording), and try to get it the best you can. It's not unusual I spend an hour or two recording some 10 or 20 seconds of guitar. Then record vocals, and try to sing with lots of emotion. Double-tracking the vocals will make it sound fuller: record the same vocal lyrics & timing on different tracks & different takes. Try to sing from your chest as opposed to just your head. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

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