Hey Guys, I've recently joined a new band... my first band... The first practice session went ok, the problem was my amp was not loud enough to get over the drums much, still audible... 30 watts not great. In the room we have two mics (on adjustable stands) going into a pa(?) with six channels, the vocalist hooks his own mic through this.. now I was thinking place one of the mics near my amp and run the vocals through the left speaker, guitar to the right but I'm worried the mic picking up the drums and everything else.

Here's the current set up in the room:

Speaker 1............Speaker 2

Guitar amp


Besides a louder amp what would be my best solution, keeping in mind my amp sounds terrible at 10. There is another amp there but i don't like the sound, and it's gonna cost me to rent it. no decent distortion pedals either.
You need a new amp.

I'd place it like this:

Speaker 1.............Guitar amp

Speaker 2..Drums..(or Speaker 2 here)

This way you can mic your guitar amp only, without the direct sound of other instruments. You'll play between your amp speaker and the PA speaker where your guitar comes out of. You can throw the amp and vocals through the same speakers though. And don't put your amp's volume at 10, it ruins the sound.

Hope it helps!
First try elevating your amp, that may help you be heard over the drums. If that doesn't work, just experiment with putting the amp in different place in the room to find the spot where you get the least mic bleed.
Thanks for the tips guys, I tried mic'ing the the amp, It worked ok, it was much louder than last time... still not what I need, Ill try the elevation idea with mic'ing it next time

But yeah new amp i definitely the best way, thanks again
What amp are you currently using?
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elevate the amp or tilt it up...no use playing for your feet. Always practice like you gig...makes Life easy in the longrun.....so drummer behind you, your amp on the opposite side and pa monitors infront of you also on he floor tilted upwards. My guitarist always complains about not hearing himself (100watt head +tilted 412) and always goes for the volume knob, I Just move the amp a couple of cm and he usually looks like I just pulled a rabbit out of a hat.

A better amp will only lead you to volume wars---change the amp when your ready, but first learn how to work with the acoustics in a room and how to set up gear/work with your bandmates so that everyone is happy with what they hear and any issues at gigs (small stages, oddly shaped rooms, and so on) can easily be fixed

good luck ;-)
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