Some time ago while I was clicking random music videos on YouTube to find new bands I found a video of a band which was pretty much weird (in a good way). But now I can't find it anymore.

The band was in some kind of classroom, giving the kids headphones to block the noise. The band would then play some kind of little longue intro followed by some heavy hardcore riffs. Then it would go to some kind of jazzy section and then hardcore riffs again. It was great. It was all over the place with different genres and stuff.

I'm sure someone knows who I am talking about...please help.
I can't believe you lost the band man... fuckin' idiot

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No it's not better...trust me. Damn there must be someone who knows it.
Found it again! My description might have been a bit off but it was a long time ago when I first saw it. Still nice nonetheless!

[forbidden link]
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