Hey guys, I want some new pedals and I thought i better see what some of you recommend and check them out! I want a new fuzz, chorus and overdrive. I don't really have a budget. I'll save up for anything if it's makes the sound that's in my head.

For a fuzz pedal, i want it to be really saturated, but without loosing heaps clarity. I'm looking at the ZVEX Fuzz Factory. It's got a lot of crazy sounds which i probably won't use but would be cool to have and play with. A good example of the kind sound i'm
after is the fuzz in this song:

[forbidden link]

For the chorus pedal i want a really lush wet chorus sound but also be able to dial it sown for a more subtle chorus. I've already got a boss CH-1 but i wanted to see if there is anything that you guys think could do a better job, which i'm sure there is.

For the overdrive i want two things. I want a really fat/warm medium/low gain setting. But i thing that i might get that sound from a future amp. But it would be good to have in a pedal as well i guess. And i'm might be a while of getting a new amp. Also i want a good lead boost. I've been looking at the Barber 1/2 Gainer. It looks hard to beat at this stage.

Thanks! I appreciate any help i can get!

Also sorry for any spelling/grammar errors.
Forbidden link?!? Sorry, i'm new at this. The song is 'Tamp Impala - Desire Be, Desire Go"