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I have a like new Hughes & Kettner Dual Statesman head and a 4x12 Celestion g12t-75 cab with foot switch head cover and manual and I have been offered a 72' Fender Twin Reverb in decent condition that seems to be all original with the exception of a music man footswitch in trade.

It would be a 3 hour round trip to trade amps with this guy and I was wondering if everyone thinks i'm getting a good deal and should jump on it or if anyone thinks i should keep the H&K.

I'm sure I already know the answer but I wanted to ask before I take the trip.

Thanks in advance

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I would not, but that's me.
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I wouldn't do the trade either. Silverface twins are nice amps, but they aren't worth all that much. It seems like you would be on the losing end of that deal.
Thanks for the replies so far guys

That's what I was thinking too but I have a Pro musician friend who was telling me otherwise so I wanted to check with other musicians first.

I like the Twin but I think my H&K and cab hold more value and are more versatile