looking to get a new bridge pick up for my guitar epi les paul, open to suggestions, music I like is a little all over the place but I listen to a lot of Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters, Oasis, Queens of the Stone Age, White Stripes, but also listen to blues and country as well. Any suggestions for a good and versatile pick up?
sounds like you want a medium to high output PAF style humbucker, there are plenty a pickups out there that would suit your need, My suggestion would be go on the Seymor Duncan website and check out their Humbuckers available, a Seymor Duncan JB-59 combo always a fine choice but there are plenty of other options, have a look and see what sparks your interest.
I don't want to start a DiMarzio vs. SD fight but I will say if you venture to the DiMarzio website they have very good descriptions and data on all their pick ups. For that music you should look at the humbuckers in the medium to vintage output levels. You may also want something with coil tapping to get some country twang if you want as much versatility as possible.