So this is probably most relevant to people in the U.S. but I heard other countries may do something similar. When a person is sentenced to death many states here will offer the person a "last meal." Typically that person can order whatever they want to eat, within reason (ie some prisons won't allow any alcohol, or if it's something super rare or becomes too expensive, although price hasn't been too inhibitory in many past cases). So I am asking UG, if you were set to get the needle tomorrow, what would you request as your last meal?

My first choice, pretty quickly, was a classic 3 egg french omelet, a small salad of seasonal greens, a baguette with butter and currant preserves, a glass of whole milk, and a whole press of some really good dark roast coffee. But then I thought about it some more, and I realized if I was really going to die, I just want my mom's homemade tomato soup made with vegetables from her garden, and a grilled cheese made with grocery store toast and those kraft singles cheese slices. Preferably made by her... well, don't think too hard, it's kind of morbid!

Anyway, what would you order? Would you not eat at all? Would you just get the standard prison fare? Any discussion about what they do where you're from, if you think the death penalty is bad in general, is all fine, but post your meal choice first!
I'd order a laxative to piss them off ,when they kill me i'll shit and they'll be forced to clean me.
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I'd order a laxative to piss them off ,when they kill me i'll shit and they'll be forced to clean me.

How dignified.
Soft tacos, some fast food fries, and cookies and cream ice cream.
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But really I'd probably ask for a fondue set, one fountain of nacho cheese and one of chocolate. Then various things to dip in them.

To drink, I'd have a cherry Coke made with actual grenadine.
I feel like I've seen this thread made about eighty times before.

On topic - enough gourmet food to last me several months, draining the government's money and forcing them to borrow more from China, which would eventually lead to a petition to free me in order to cut government spending. Or something.
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Of course, you live in a civilized first world nation that works hard to keep the less desirable types and their brutish cultures out. Am I right?

It'd be amazing if you're American
Enough liquor to die of alcohol poisoning.

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I feel like I've seen this thread made about eighty times before
It really has been.
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All I can eat buffet. I'd stay alive until I felt like dying. And it would probably be cheaper than them putting me to death.
chiki quesadilas and salted egg yolk prawns and butter chikki and ice lemon t from maccas and 2 fish
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Enough liquor to die of alcohol poisoning.

It really has been.

I thought so, but I didn't find any when I searched. Obviously didn't look that hard.
Chinese buffet so I never have to stop eating
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A pineapple and a stale baguette. I'd create a medieval mace and fight me way out.
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A pineapple and a stale baguette. I'd create a medieval mace and fight me way out.


If I ate anything at all, I'd get a pork chop with some mashed potatoes, gravy, and cottage cheese. A drink of sweet tea.

Used to have that every Sunday when I was a kid. Hopefully I'm never in the position to have to choose.
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Venison, cheesy mashed potatoes, and chocolate pudding for desert

Either that, or just a guitar with 6 strings on it. Then, I could die in peace
Mashed potatoes, tacos, and shrimp cocktail. I'd have ginger ale to drink or, if I could get it, hard cider.
sunbather is shit
government cheese.
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chicken rice and some garlicy sauce

'twas decent.

lately ive been trying to cook more food myself and its rather enjoyable.
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A 20 oz. porterhouse stake seasoned to taste cooked medium
a baked potato with sour cream, butter and bacon
grilled broccoli seasoned with garlic and butter

A piece of chocolate cheesecake for dessert

An ice-cold coke
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eating Black lentils and rice as we speak.

Had some sour patch kids in class.

Ate pizza, salad, some fruit, and milk for lunch.
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Taco bell, Gramma's sphaghetti, smithfields bbq. Picture of my family and GF.
The bitch that I killed to get in that situation, obviously.
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