1931 Dobro Model 55 Round-neck Resonator Pat. Pending Guitar


Body width 15-1/4"
Body depth @top 2-7/8"
Body depth @bottom 3-1/4"
Neck width @nut 1-11/16"
String spacing @ saddle 2"
Scale length 24-3/4"
Body fret 12th fret

1931 Model 55 (possibly 56) Dobro round-neck wooden resonator guitar; not the highest. This is a California-built (not a later Chicago) model. It has an unbound 3-ply Birchwood body with two screen holes. Resonators make their sound with the sound cone, not the top or back, so the bodies can be plywood and always are. This guitar has a stamped (not spun) aluminum cone, which can be seen from the wrinkling that happened in the stamping process. A modern cone would give even better tone, but that is for a new owner to decide.

This guitar is extremely loud (not all were) and has a lovely wooden tone to it, instead of the metallic tone common to metal-bodied Nationals. It rings and rings, great sustain. Tone and volume are fairly even across all the strings. These early "real" Dobros, to my ears and the ears of many others, generally sound much better than the later Regal-made models; and even for early Dobros, this is a good one.

The c-shaped neck is meaty yet easy to fret and play Spanish-style. Action is a bit high, which is the norm for all resonator guitars, even roundnecks - but low enough to fingerpick or flat pick and play.

Nice, non-original, modern hardshell case in excellent (almost mint) condition.

This is a used guitar in very good condition for its age. It has the usual dings and scratches, nothing really noteworthy, except one skint place on treble side - no big deal (see pics) - and a small chip out of the bottom of the heel where a heelcap would go. The original high-gloss finish has worn down to a soft dark brown stain on top and back; some gloss finish remains on sides and top and heel of neck; this puppy has been played. The aluminium is in pretty good shape with most of the chrome still intact. I see no cracks or splits, old or new.

Despite missing its Dobro headstock decal, this guitar with s/n 2324 is conclusively a 1931 Dobro. (Decals can be purchased.) Frets, tuners, soundhole screens, hubcap-spider-cone, tailpiece and endpin all appear to be original.

Asking $1,975.00; OBO.

I pay shipping and PP fees. No trades. If for any reason a sale is unwound, I will deduct shipping and PP fees from refund

PM me with any questions. I used to sell for years on fleabay and guitar shows as Brasher's Guitars (brashboy), but don’t like to use the bay too much nowadays. I am a very active participating member on the watchuseek.com forums under the same handle.