looking for a guitar that has a reverse firebird mahogany body ebony fretboard and full humbuckers. flame maple would be cool too.
a mocking bird special x fits the bill except the shape is different but it has ebony fretboard 24 3/4 neck mahogany neckthrough with flame maple tops and rockfields select wound paf's
Not the special and special x. it is built like a lespaul with 24 3/4 neck. mocking birds are all different with different scale lengths but the special and special x is basically an ebony neck lespaul with a 60's style slim neck. I would look for an older Korean model if interested. sometimes you can find Korean models still new.
ESP used to make a guitar that was almost exactly that, though it is discontinued. I suppose that you could still get it through their Custom Shop. Washburn came out with another Paul Stanley model that has a number of those specs, but with what appear to be old Epi-style mini-humbuckers:

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