Hi all, I've been coming to UG for years to find info I'm looking for, but this time I'm stumped. I'm wondering if anyone would know whether or not a CS69 pup and a 57/62 Pup are wound the same way? Reason: I have a Strat I'm building, with an ash body, Eric Clapton signature neck (90s), and I put a loaded pickguard I had lying around in it that sounded like a crap. I bought a CS69 and installed in bridge position (love it), and ordered a 57/62 for the neck position. Now I'm remembering though that what is RWRP for one set isn't for another and I'm now uncertain if I can put the 57/62 and then a RWRP Texas Special or CS54 or whatever in the middle. Anyone know what the answer might be?