I'm organizing a mathcore collaboration song between members of UG and SS. The premise is simple. compose a short passage in any key (or lack thereof), tempo, and time signature, and once I get a bunch of submissions I'll combine them all to create a spastic, sporadic math core tune. Send over your crazy, wacky riff ideas to be part of a crazy wacky song.


1. must be submitted in guitar pro 5 format

2. no more than 15 seconds in length

3. Drop tuning (eg DADGBE, CGCFAD). In the end, they will all be transposed to Drop C# (C#G#C#F#A#D#)

4. to make compilation of the riffs easier, follow this track template (top to bottom): guitar 1,
guitar 2, bass, drums. Make sure guitars only have 6 strings and bass only has 4 strings

5. rather than simply marking tempo in the file, use the mixer in the first bar on the drum track to mark the tempo. This will save me manually having to do this when copying over, and having all the tempos on the drum track will make it easier to read when I'm making the project in Logic.

6. Be crazy, but not stupid. Don't bother submitting things that aren't humanly possible to play. Very challenging is Okay. I'll use superior drummer, so you can go a bit crazier with the drums, but nothing that sounds blatantly inhuman (no WECAMEWITHBROKENTEETH-style drum lines)

7. Don't look at any other submissions before you compose yours. I want each riff to be completely unique and irrelevant.


edit: when I get it all recorded, I'll post it on youtube/soundcloud and label each riff with who wrote it. So let me know if you're in a band and what username/real name you want me to use.
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