I've been playing guitar for about 3 or 4 years
I can do a lot
Sweep, String Skip Arpeggio Tapping, Scales etc you name it i can do it and if i cant i'll do practice it until i can.

Although its my senior year of highschool and I decided to take a guitar class for a free period and get an automatic A.
Although the class is for
Standard Tuning
I've never once played in Standard
Always Eb, Drop C or Dstandard and none of my guitars can take the standard atleast i think.

I bring an Acoustic
its a Washburn and really i havn't even tried to get it to standard cause i'm afraid the strings will snap and I have not gotten the cash to even buy replacements for the acoustic. I never take my electric out of drop C because it has a Floyd.

So i want to know if i keep my acoustic in a Eb, or DStandard how hard will it to transcribe to standard? I know in Eb it would be 1fret down So Open 1st string on an E would be Eb so on the first fret it would be a E and so forth so can anyone help me out? or tell me a way i can get my guitar into standard without snapping the strings as really ive never played on an acoustic until this year as I started on a Semi-hollow so that was great enough for me
I think you've completely missed the point? It doesn't matter what tuning your guitar is in, as long as it's an equal tempermant. When you transcribe, the notes are the same. It's just that you'll be playing it in different places. I'm not sure why your strings would break if you tuned it up semitone?
It's called standard for a reason. The guitar is designed with that tuning in mind, it will not break.
I use heavy string guages.
Specially on my electric with 11s

Im not to sure of the acoustic as its about 2 weeks old havn't changed the strings once yet
and it came with D'addarios extended play I use D'addarios already but it didn't mention the guage but they feel pretty thick on my fingers more than the 11s i have, But i don't know if thats just because its an Acoustic
And the reason I say it might snap is because my Guitar is in Dstandard right now, and as of now the strings are Really tight even if i bring it to Eb. As i said its my first acoustic and am not sure if its suppose to be this way. I'm not to worried upon the actual tuning really just more transcribing and wondering how difficult it could be to do it if you're learning or know theory.
What was the tuning your acoustic was in when you bought it?

And don't worry about the strings breaking. They won't. 11 is a pretty standard gauge and can be used in standard tuning (my friend uses 11s in his electric in standard tuning).

None of your guitars can take standard? What? Standard is the tuning they are designed to work in. It's called "standard" tuning for a reason. If your Floyd guitar is in drop C, just do a setup. I'm sure you had to set it up for drop C when you bought it - they are usually originally set up for standard tuning. As I said, my friend plays with 11s in standard.

Transcribing doesn't really require theory knowledge. You just need to have a good ear.
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My acoustic was a little between Eb and Dstandard when i got it and when i tried to tune it to Standard i felt like it was going to snap so i left it in Eb then dropped it another half to D.
My Electric can take standard its the fact that when i do put it on standard i need to Screw in the bridge to almost the top even with a 4th spring inputted into it.
With Drop C i can unscrew it about a quarter and the strings glide smoothly across the fret board, in standard its the complete opposite. I had my electric in standard when i first got it but it was using .9s rather than 11s and only used 3 springs. I hate floyds im saving for a B.C Rich or jackson at the moment with a string through body but right now im stuck with floyds and hate the tuning process. I just figured because If i say put my guitar in Dstandard its 2 frets down so 2nd fret = E on first string i thought it would be a little easier. I rarely bring my electric in due to the fact I dont use my amp everyday in class so Its pointless its a rather boring class... as she cant teach me anything on guitar i can't teach my self. I just want to get a basic grasp of theory before i take a music theory class and look stupid. Also Just want the A to graduate. :p