Hello guys.
I play in a psych rock jam band and most of our rehersals are actually just improvising. We decided that it will be useful to record them so I've started hunting for affordable digital recorder (we've used Zoom H2 two times but it's not ours). Is Fame HR-2 ( http://www.musicstore.de/en_EN/GBP/Fame-HR-2-Handheld-Recorder-/art-REC0006028-000 ) any good? If not, can you recommend me something for about 150 $ max? Thanks in advance!
I'm not very experienced with digital recorders but I've never heard the brand Fame before. Considering the only review on that says that it doesn't handle a full band recording very well, I'd look into others. Tascam makes some solid handhelds and This one is a solid one that easily fits in your budget. If you're willing to go a few extra bucks, the model up has much better microphones on it.
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Tascam. I wont go in depth cuz googling can give you a much better explaination in half the time.