Hello everyone,

I am newbie to Guitar, i got a little bit confused after taking a look at the fret tab and musical notation to start playing basic notes,
i noticed that a 'c' note that is written on the staff lines could be played on 3 different strings (i.e the B, G and the D strings)
And the the same c note on the bottom ledger lines could be played with either the A or the E string
How can we figure which string to pick when there's 3 possibilities for the same note ? (which is written on the staff lines)
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By what ever comes next. If the song is in one position, use the easiest and closest note.
Well you're actually not thinking about the fact that you will have more than 1 octave per string, so you have even more options.
Standard notation can be tricky to apply to guitar due to that fact that every note exists in several places on the guitar, compared to something like a piano where a certain note only exists in one place.
You'll need to figure out yourself what makes the most sense to you when you're reading standard notation and applying that to guitar.
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