Recently modded my fretboard by putting LED's in them. Now I've put the high E on and tuned it but the string tension is so tight I can't even press it down at the first fret. It seems to have perfect tonation however up and down the frets. All in tune. Any ideas what causes this and what I can do to fix it?

My first thought would be that you have tuned it an octave or 2 higher than you should have.

Have you tried slackening it right off and tuning it again? There is a limit to what else if can be as it's a fixed bridge, so no springs or anything to take account of.
Definitely have tuned it to the right pitch, have another guitar to compare with.

And slackening off you mean taking the string right off or just loosening it til its all floppy?
Ah, false alarm, I had a different sized gauge string on. Swapped it for an .011 so now its much more natural. However I am getting some insane fret buzz on the first two frets (pretty much dead notes) how can I fix this?

Every other fret is fine, and keep in mine I re-fretted the guitar. Maybe I will have to hammer them in a bit more or is there more to it?
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Have you levelled/crowned the frets?

by the looks of the picture it doesn't even look like the frets are the right radius and cut/finished on the edges..

think you need to finish the fretwork before putting the strings on mate
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I didn't even notice the picture...

Also, buzzing sometimes occurs when you don't have all of your strings on, probably due to uneven tension or something.
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Have you levelled/crowned the frets?

no I have not. probs should see if its still occuring after I do all the work hey haha