Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you are or were in band in which you felt you did not agree with the lyrics and you thought they were a bad message and plain wrong but still kept playing in the band because you love the music. How do you guys cope with this, I am kind of going through this in my band, I do not want to tell him what to write about and what not to write about ya know what I mean?
Instead of telling him what he can and can't write about, I think you should just tell him on a song-by-song basis. Something like, "Listen man, I don't agree with your lyrics, and I'm finding a hard time getting behind this song because it goes against my beliefs."

Maybe something like that.
Right, right, thanks for your replies, I guess its either I say something or just deal with it, one way or another. I used to like lyrics like that but I have changed a lot since then and it just doesn't agree with me. I may have to just start another project and go our separate ways.