Hey guys ive been thinking of getting a new amp (the spiders and mould living in my current amp convinced me)...problem is im far from a techie in these kinds of things so Im looking for some advice.

What im looking for ideally is a combo tube amp...dont have enough money to invest in cabs etc... Budget is not quite an issue, but if you could suggest anything below 500euros that would be best.
My band plays mostly alternative but also some indie and funk (along the lines of RHCP, Arctic Monkeys and Biffy Clyro). Id also like it to be compatible with pedals (dunlop cry baby, zvex fuzz factory, digitech hot rod, eharmonix cathedral reverb)

Just ask if I need to add anything else (its my first post here)
Thanks in advance
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ah also forgot to mention I use a Fender american deluxe strat if it makes any difference. cheers
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It seems to me that you could use an AC15!
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I'd shoot for a used AC30, not really sure what they go for across the pond so you may have to strech the budget a bit.
I'd look for a used AC15, AC30s are stupid loud--any gig where you could run it hot you're mic'd anyway.
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looks like Vox is the way to go then....thanks for the advice
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