To avoid paying a professional and to gain some valuable experience, I decided to change a potentiometer by myself. Once I received the pot in the mail, common sense went out the window and I couldn't seem to pace myself. The truth is that I have no idea what I am doing.

As of now, I am staring at a diagram and my guitars loose wires trying to figure out what goes where.

I have some pictures; maybe someone would be willing to help me. I'd certainly appreciate it.

Before pictures:

imgur . com / wElG694
imgur . com / Oky1ZPV
imgur . com / X5wCCCp
imgur . com / leIz4de
imgur . com / OvXyOdj

Present pictures:

Wire from input jack - imgur . com / leTfIQV
Single black wire - imgur . com / dDyckOf
Taped wires 1 - imgur . com / 5LWV8IE
Taped wires 2 - imgur . com / wzX7inY

Here is the diagram that I'm looking at:

dimarzio . com / sites / default / files / diagrams / 1h1virtualv1ppv . pdf
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All of the pictures should work now. Sorry about that.

I'm just afraid to mess with it at the moment. The diagram shows where each colored wire should go—do i need to untape the red wire?
Ultimate Guitar won't let me post links. The pictures are working for me. I type imgur . com / into the address bar and then copy and paste what comes after that for each picture and it works.
The pot is currently disconnected. The last four pictures are what I am currently working with. The first five pictures were from before I did anything.