A guy I contacted about a guitar he has for sale says he has an ex 350
Is that the same thing as the rg 350 ex? It looks exactly the same, however his is red and all i see that are rg's are black. Its got a trem dual buckers and a single coil, im assuming that means its a 5 way selector. The guy wants $80.00 for it claiming its near mint shape. Is it worth picking up, ive been looking for a guitar with a trem, but i fancy jacksons, so how would this compare? I have no issue saving up for a real nice axe, but if this is a steal of a deal, id jump on it. I currently play hard rock, metal, blues type music, thanks in advance
I reckon it's the same, he just left the RG out. Color could've been done aftermarket. 80 dollars seems like a good price for it. I got mine for 100 euros and sold it off later for 150. It was a nice guitar in my opinion. Mine stayed in tune for minor use of the tremolo system (not dive bombs and all that) and sounded reasonably nice.
I believe those would be from around the late 80s to mid 90s Before they started calling them the RG series. The model would be EX350. Not the same as the newer 350ex.

For $80.00 as long as the neck is straight, I would grab it.
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That's a steal and a half. It's not like that's denting your bank should you still be GASing for a Jackson later on.
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Here is a little more info. From Ibanez Wiki

The Ibanez EX series is a series of electric guitars produced by Hoshino Gakki, first introduced in 1988. The EX (short for "Experimental") models were RG-like guitars produced in Korea instead of Japan as a more affordable alternative. They presumably were named differently to prevent them from possibly hurting the reputation of the RG name, although some markets already did have some Korean made RG models.

The EX models finally were replaced by the Ibanez RX series in 1994. That year, Ibanez also started with the production of higher-end Korean RG models like the RG450 and RG470.
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Thanks for the info, I passed on it for now, got a flat tire, lucky me! I may still get it in two weeks if he has it still.