hey guys

so im after another amp, more for hard rock to metal sound,

i like the sound that karnivool gets off the album themata, i had a quick search but only found an interview with drew saying he used a variety of different amps on sound awake...

i have a vox ac15 which i love to play on but if i want to play anything with abit of growl it just doesn't get there.

so really what amp does he use on that album if anyone knows? and how much do they go for? i don;t want to spend alot of money as i have just bought a house and need to keep things on the cheap, i don;t mind second hand and will have to put money aside to save up for it if it is up there in price.

it will just be used at home and to jam with some mates but needs to be loud enough to play with drums.

i don't really care about effects just want a "nice" metalish sounding amp,

im in sydney aswell

It would be easier to answer if you gave some idea of your budget, etc. But seeing as you're in Australia and I'm in the U.S., I guess I wouldn't know the conversion rate anyway. If you're trying to get off cheap just grab a Peavey Vypyr - it is a modeling amp but has some nice sounds, especially for the price. If you are willing to spend a little more then it really opens up your options - so roughly what is your budget?
im not a big fan of modelling amps they sound abit too fake for me.

like i said the budget depends on what the amp is no point me saying $100 if all the amps that produce that sound are $1000.

but i suppose around about the $500 mark but it isnt a strict budget
For that budget you really should look at the Peavey Vypyr 60. It is one of the tubed versions (power section only). The front end modeling is analog and the power section is lifted directly off the 6505+ platform. It models a Diezel VH4, Krank, Dual Rec, JSX, and few others very well imo. I know I bring this amp up a lot but I really like it. Try one.
ill give it a try when i head down to the music store.

what is a more realistic budget i should be looking at
I'll put it to you this way. Without going the modeling route there are not too many amps out there in the sub $500 range that will pull of metal well. I'm using USD prices here so you'll have to figure out the rest. A 6505+112 will do obviously for just slightly higher than that new. It actually has some decent cleans too. There might be one or two others that would work used, like a used XXX/JSX etc. There are a few new entries like the Stiff amp and the Laney Ironheart that might work in that range new or a bit above that range actually. All other amps are in the $1,000+ range (new) USD.

The Vypyr 60 cost me $315 used.
+1 for being a fan of Karnivool Seeing them live in december with Tesseract

But on topic, i'm guessing that a 5150/6505 might be a little to gainy for their sound? I say this because they seem to be very bassy..don't take my word for it though, i'm not an expect here.
Not to steer you away from getting a 6505 though..when it comes down to general metal tones it should be great! possibly soon picking up my own 6505+ 112
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there first album they are quite riffy and guitar driven but the 2nd album is very very bass driven......

is the 6505 the newer version of the 5150?
Yeah. The 6505+ is a little different but basically the same thing - the 6505 is the same thing.

A new 6505+ 112 is about $800+ in Australia. The Vyper Tube is about the same. You may find a used one within budget if you look around. Either will do the job.
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