So this is mah rig. Prs custom 22 curly cedar, to my pedaltrain of doom (the pro size/model) To Fender Blues deville 410 reissue.

Signal chain: Boss ns2; Tc tuner(mini); Maxon comp; Dunlop q wah; Boss fb2; Cmatmods Brownie (marshall ina box od); Hardwire tube od; Rocktron third angel dist; Hardwire metal dist; Boss tr2; ernie ball jr volume pedal; mxr eq 10 band; small clone chorus; to amp; [ effects loop: Tc Flashback x4]

I'm getting bored with current set-up need new inspiration in form of fun/new stompboxes What would you add change?

I think boss trem, small clone are the first I need to upgrade/change... Need help with the chorus, like lots of tweaking abilities/versatility Kinda digging what Earthquaker devices got going on.

For the trem I was thinking the dedalo tress: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVYsmOWGyjY
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