I recently got a Boss ME-6 guitar multi effects pedal from my dad's friend for free which is lovely but it's kinda old and the power cable was taped at the input and I pulled it out to unplug it and it messed up which was no issue and I just reconnected the points where the electricity flows and it worked but I live in ohio so on top of humid air I had my window open and a fan on when it started raining in the middle of the night while I was asleep and I think it got it wet even though I had it away from the window but anyways...I need a new plug for it but I can't find the right one
I would put pictures but they don't seem to be uploading since I'm on my phone and my computer was stolen a while ago...if you can help I will send some but here's the info on the pedal and plug...if you can help my budget for the plug is $20 (maybe $30)because I'm 17 and I don't have much cash because I put almost all of my money towards strings, my guitars, cables, etc. basically I put everything I have into my guitars...along with the fact that the pedal was an amazing gift and I want to keep it maintained

Input: 120V. 60HZ. 15 W.
Output: 12.5 V.A.C. .8AMPS.
Um...CAUTION: Do not expose to rain

AC Adaptor
AC 12V~
Use Boss BRA Adaptor Only
Commas and full stops are so overrated, right?

I suppose you could hit Boss up with an email, explain the story to them (I'd suggest with punctuation) and maybe they can send you a replacement plug.
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I have never seen so much unnecessary information in such condensed form.
Well sorry, I have ADHD and I tend to ramble. I can use punctuation, but I just didn't bother to in this. There, I used punctuation. The "..." is a bad habit that I have
You want a boss or roland bra-120 power supply there is one on ebay for $16ish, the others are $20+.
google it I did and a bunch of listings came up.
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