Hey all you people. I recently bought a Fender CD140SCE Electrocoustic. It plays pretty well, but I was looking for a Breedlove Passport D200 which wasn't in stock. (Not sure of the forum for this...) The sales guy even said the Breedlove is the best I could get for my money. He said I could order it in but it would take a few days, and I needed a guitar for before then. To anyone with GC experience, is it possible for me to call or email them to order one/a few in for me to trade my Fender in for it? I just really want a pure acoustic and a Breedlove would be awesome. My 30 day return policy isn't over for a few weeks, and it would come in before then. Am I thinking realistically? It's still in perfect condition. Thanks
have you called to see if it's possible yet?
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Well, why not just return the guitar? (Although GC does buy and sell used instruments). That said, if you trade it in, you'll take a fairly steep hit against your purchase price. So, if it's returnable, that's the superior option.

On a return, you may be charged restocking fee, and GC will likely off the guitar as a "demo", which basically it is.

There likely won't be much resistance from GC, as I'm guessing the Breedlove is a bit more money, their profit margin on the line is likely a bit better as well.

Your Fender should fly out the door, for a beginner, (or otherwise). who is looking for a bargain.

I think everybody wins in the second scenario. (The Fender given back as a return).

The longer you hold on to it, the older and less desirable it gets. So don't tarry, even if you have to wait for the Breedlove.
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