I am looking for a good simple to software to record my guitar playing on. I don't want any of that electronic stuff or synthesizers; I basicallly just want something I can create a drumb beat and bass line with so I can play my guitar and make rock oriented music with, without a band. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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You'll need an interface as well if you're going to use software, have you looked into those yet?

If not, there's a sticky that will tell you about the different options you have for the hardware you'll need to record yourself. As mentioned above, Reaper is the usual recommendation if you choose to go with a PC based solution.
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Reaper, an interface (Scarlett 2i4), free VSTs and cab impulses, Steven Slate Drums 4 EX.
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Just to make backing tracks and jam over them? You'll need:
*A DAW to manage all the notes, audio, and instruments/"instruments". Try Reaper.
*A bass synth. Reaper can probably do that over MIDI.
*An interface. See the sticky.
*An amp sim, an impulse loader, and some impulse responses. See the other sticky.
*Some drum samples. Here's 1000 of those for free.