'Evil woman': OK, the top link is only a teaser clip. Listening to it on the fourth link (much better). Vocals are quite good, remind me of Sammy Hagar. Guitar playing is very good. Drums are fine. I don't want the devil on my shoulder, but the song itself is well done. Please review my music at this link:

Evil woman:
-Sounds like a real classic rock track! I like it
-The Singer has the perfect voice for this style of music, it sounds really raw, but I would try to make some notes more interesting by not doing straight notes.
-The Bass and guitar brings a great momentum to it.
-No complaints on the drums.
-I like the outro - it was unexpected!

The seaside:
It sounds a bit chaotic at the beginning, like the different instruments aren't interlocking to the rhythm. I like the Chorus! it sounds really powerful and makes you wanna dig your head. The part at around the 3 minute mark was really unexpected, that made the song better by far! Great use of dynamics in this song!

The roundaround:
Groovy song! I love the raw quality of it all. The bass sound at 1.00 is awesome! The vocals really fit this song but I think the part at around 1.40 could be better. The guitar-riff at 2 minutes was cool and the solo settles nice into the frame of the song!

Smoke and mirrors:

It starts out very good! the vocals on this one is probably the best out of them all! Did you record this at a studio or by yourselves? I get a Jeff Buckley feel combined with some Neil Young from this track

Here is my bands EP: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1618100
WOW. Though this is not realy my kinda stuff you re doin i have plenty of comparable bands in mind like ZZTOP and even a lil of good old BlackLabelSociety ... i think at least one of them was NOT your intention but it has A LOT of vibe in this directions. Your production is superb and i like it very much. The guitars sound like they should and the vocals are dirty as shit. Thumbs up. Dig it.

Here is mine if you ve got time https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1618065
Thanks alot guys for the comments!! I will try to critique your stuff as soon as i find the time. @Zerath Yes it was recorded independently. I handled the production and mixing myself.
@Monsterhulk I love both ZZ Top and BLS!