what do you guys reckon about the wall movie? Is it me or is it quite hard to understand?
-Let the led out-
It was really good. About it being hard to understand, When I was younger I didnt really get it right off the bat, Especially the part where he turns basically into a Nazi and starts pointing out people in the crowd. I dont know if its supposed to have a plot and be completely understandable though. Its basically about this Guy (Pink) who has locked himself in a or a few different hotel rooms and has flash backs of his life (His Wife, Childhood, Father and Mother, Teachers and School, Esc.) Also it seems to be that He is Affected Culturally as well, Hence the Protesting and Police Force Scenes. The Music melts around the story and somewhat tells the story that the dialogue otherwise would have. Hints that he is a Musician himself and that he is on tour or simply stayed in America or where-ever he is after his band had left or something of the sort, the point is he is there and he is unsettled emotionally. At the end of the movie when he is feeling the wall he has built inside of his head, its almost as if it was a Mental re-evaluation and he was looking inside himself at all of the things that has helped build "The Wall."

Basically, Im not so sure it is meant to be a very understandable movie. It seems to me to be one of those movies that Every Individual has their own idea of what it is about or was meaning to say. In a Way, Like every movie, Everyone takes it differently, in some movies (Such as the Wall) it is just heightened more and makes it therefore harder to understand. I guess I could watch it again Just a Opinion, But that is how I feel and think about "The Wall."
Also, You could say the same about "Tommy" which is basically the same kind of movie but The Who is the band instead of Pink-Floyd.
It's very abstract but I like it. Not sure there's anything to 'figure out' but great tunes and interesting visuals. Better viewing than most musicians' attempts at film-making!