What's up fellas!

Like the title says, I need to buy a acoustic electric guitar for around $400 bucks. It's for my girlfriend. I no nothing about guitars. She plays at church, So it won't be used for death metal.. lol She learned on and wants a Crafter, but those seem to be out of the price range? She said it was normal size, I imagine it was not a super expensive one. Not much to go off of here.. Hopeful the one I buy will sound as good as the one she learned on.

Please point me in the right direction!

EDIT: Are these Crafters for about $450 any good? http://www.gearhounds.com/search.aspx?find=Crafter+Acoustic+electric
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I don't put too much stock in YouTube video sound tracks. Too many slips twixt the cup and the lip.

Crafters are more prevalent in Europe than here stateside. They're generally well thought of. I have three, which I sort of bought both accidentally and by default. (I'm left handed, a dealer in the US caters to lefties, and has runs of different Crafter guitars made for him. (Crafter only sells a couple of leftie models). Anyhoo, my experiences won't help you, as mine are all 12 string models, and two of them are hybrids.

The fact that you're looking for an AE instrument is good, since special FX, such as chorus, reverb and delay, can all create a big, lush sound,using an only fair guitar.

(In your video, models similar to my hybrids can be seen in the upper right corner of the frame. I have the black and sunburst finishes, but in 12 string models).

FWIW, I'd buy a Crafter before I'd buy any number of big brand names, at least other than Yamaha, Takamine, and Seagull. The two fomers should have some very decent guitars in your price range, but the Seagull "Original S-6 with electronics is normally a bit above it.

I think "Gearhounds" is a little pricey, but the big 3 or 4 online retailers don't stock Crafter, only the 3 brands I mentioned. As an example, this 12 string: http://www.gearhounds.com/crafter-d8-12eq-n-acoustic-electric-guitar.aspx which Gearhounds wants $800.00 for, I bought for $500.00 a couple of years ago w/case. Granted Crafter's prices have gone up quite a bit recently, but I can still buy that 12 from Adirondack for a nickel. Old stock, maybe.

This Yamaha is well worth considering, and it's even below your price range: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/yamaha-fgx700sc-solid-top-cutaway-acoustic-electric-guitar It has a solid top and decent electronics. If you wait for M'sF next sale, you can come close to about $250.00 w/free shipping. Other than that, if you simply must spend $400.00, check out the Yamahas a couple of steps up from this, and Takamine's "G" series as well. The other common brands with Asia produced entry level lines, Guild "GAD", and Breedlove, start at about a nickel, W/O electronics. (If memory serves). BTW, Crafter is supposed to be the OEM for Breedlove's import line. They have the same Baggs electronics, albeit rebranded.
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Wow thanks for all the info my friend! I will also be buying one for myself soon, so that will also help me allot!!

Well... I was asking her about guitars, and She didn't acknowledge any other, and said she will buy herself her own Crafter one day!! I may not be the smartest man, But I'm pretty sure that was more than a hint for me to buy it for her..

Thanks again!!
your lucky she's not a big Gibson or Taylor fan.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)