I dreamt the devil, the back
The pain, the hells I gnawed
On journeys, the expeditions
Adventures at past, of jungles scenery
Where all the riddles now
And neatly twines it under all
I thought, my backpack weighed
More so than I once bore?
I shake my chills, by walking it
Thinking it, this traveling life
I had and my crew
I tell oft, hence they followed!
Just theories, pretense
They said at best a revelation!
Looking back, I dreamt of
Patience tossed at anchoring bay
Just, yearning loftily breathing that I could
Hold on, yet
Saw the ways they were tempted
Short minded, calculated
Falling, and the slightest notion of
An idea of impulsing rage
Nor patience to see it befitting
As I, ends on ends
On, waiting ever so slightly
Bypast and rolling my fingers
Tapping, each day
A rhythm so discreetly
This godly dancing creature
Joyous & following
To its innocence I left again
My old bones didst'n crack
They, finally danced

(something something...any suggestions for improving is appreciated!)
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