I'm considering buying the Zoom pedal for jamming at home. I already have the most basic equipment, but I want to have a compact solution like this pedal, to try out different effects and have fun. I know it's not as good as normal effects pedals, but it doesn't matter.

Can I use headphones directly into the pedal without an amp? That could be great when visiting my parents, so I wouldn't have to take heavy equipment with me.

Also, it has the most common effects including wah and whammy effect, right? Does it have as many options as the Digitech Whammy Pedal? 1 and 2 octave up and down, 4th and 5th up and so on?

Any info will help. Thanks a lot :-)
Yeah, I have read comments and reviews and watched youtube videoes, but couldn't find the info I was looking for on the pitchshifter effect. But the good news is that I can use it with batteries and headphones :-)
I bought a used one and it arrived today. At first I was a little disappointed and thought it was a very confusiing unit. Then I downloaded the manual and read it. I have to say I'm impressed. It has all I need in one package and a lot more. I tried the different harmonizer and pitchshift settings and to my surprise it has most of what I use with the Digitech Whammy Pedal. Up to 2 octaves up, 1 down with all in between. It's clearly not as clean as the Digitech, especially not at 1 and octave up, but that should be expected. I'll recommend it :-)