Well this is my first post and first time I have asked for any advice.
I'll try and get straight into the subject rather than string it out.

I'm looking for that bit of magic in my sound while recording.
Gear wise I'm currently using a ibanez rg350dx with a paf pro and Fred pickup
Now dispute the edge 3 its not a bad guitar and managed to set it up pretty well to stop the out of tune issue.
After Xmas I will be saving for maybe a ibanez rg920qmz or js24p but that's a whole new story

Right now I'm looking for a good direct recording sound without the amp.
I have got a line 6 hd500 and the distortion just wasn't doing it for me so decided on a second hand blackstar ht dual distortion and that just blew me away but the hd500 now feels too much for what I need and tbh it's lacking something and the high end seems to be argh.

So do I part exchange it for a tc electronic nova system so I can still have stereo output into my focusrite or (and this seems like I could loose that stereo sound),
Part exchange for a blackstar ht5rh (head) and use my old tc electronic m350 in the loop.

I really have fell out of love with line 6 and everything I have bought from them just lacks that certain charm I'm after.

Given the fact I can't mic up because of sound levels I'd be really interested in what opinions people will have to give.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Hey man, your question would be best asked in either the Guitar Gear & Accesiories forum (they have a pedalboard thread) or in Recordings (they know how to make recordings sound good and stuff).
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