Happy Sunday! In honor of the new Dream Theater album coming out this tuesday, I decided to cover one of my favorite solos! John Petrucci's solo from The Spirit Carries On! Enjoy! Let me know what you think!

Nice job, Cados. Also, love the guitar!

Ahhhh Carvin, one of the most underrated companies out there...
Thanks guys!

Ibrahimasood - He is consistently one of my favorite players, especially with everything on the new album

Dimarzio45 - I swear by Carvins and I wont buy anything else. When I go to guitar center to try out pedals/amps/etc I always bring my guitar and everyone gets jealous, Gibson Who?

rat0mps - Thanks man! Check your thread!
Ah, The Spirit Carries On is one of my favourite and I feel underrated Dream Theater songs, so is nice to hear someone cover it. First thing I notice is that you've really nailed the tone (and also that you have a Petrucci-like beard). This is really an excellent cover, and you even managed to get the shready part around 1:25 just right; quite impressive as it's pretty darn fast
That was really a top class cover, well done!