So my volume knob on my Schecter will not stay on, it falls right off after I start playing with it on. Now I would I normally just lather some superglue on it and call it a day, however, I plan on selling this guitar in the very near future. And I can't put another knob on it because it's a Synyster Special and the knob has a little button with his logo on it. (Which also fell off)

Is there another method I can use to fix the knob to fit on better rather than just gluing it? I apologize if this is a stupid question.
If it is a split post type of pot you can gently "GENTLY" pry the split open a little more. That should make the knob fit on tighter.

I say gently because the first time I attempted it, I pushed too hard and I broke off one half of the knurl that the knob goes over.

There are also other types where the knob is held in place with a set screw. If it is that type then it sounds like you may have lost the screw.
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