Hi, so I guess this thread kind of fits into this subforum, but I don't go anywhere except GB&C. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets relocated somewhere else. (I realize this is a long post, so feel free to skim, the last paragraph is the prompt.) Anyhow, my band is recording our first EP, and we decided to do this in our practice space (lead guitarist's basement/bar/game room). We have a decent collection of mics and gear between us (I say us, it's just me and the lead guitarist, who happens to also be my best friend). Mics and gear and know-how are not the issue here, though. The issue is that he wants to mix it. Initially, at least, this was not a problem. Engineering went fine, but a week ago he emailed us all what he considered the final mixes of two of the songs. It sounded really different to when we tracked it, and rough mixed it together. Turns out he turned his rhythm and lead tracks up a fair margin above my rhythm track, and what's worse, my vocals. His rhythm track was a little fast, too, and I'm sure mine is as well, but I couldn't hear it. So I asked him if he'd be open to retracking his, and he got really pissed off about that. Our drummer agreed, and so the lead guitarist retracked it, and it was in time.

Yesterday, I went over to retrack a few lines of vocals because I wasn't satisfied with the original takes. I happened to ask him if he could make our rhythm tracks equal volumes. He said they were. They aren't. I also asked him to turn down his solos. He wouldn't because they'd get "lost in the mix". I asked him to just try it. He did, and it worked. Then, he claimed he hadn't turned it down at all, and then played it again at the original volume. Other BS has happened at band practices when we're fleshing out a song idea, where he'll just be noodling the whole time, and needs a part 100% of the time, or else he'll moan and cry about the song being empty and how bored he is.

My question is this: How do I talk to him about his bad attitude towards mixing and collaborating? I feel bad because he tries to write songs, but they aren't good, I tell him they need work, and then he gets pissy about that. I feel like maybe he doesn't feel his creativity is represented in the final product, but I really don't want all of our songs to be overly complex, twenty guitar overdub P.O.S.s. That's fine and dandy for most of our stuff, emphasis on the piece of shit part, but there needs to be some low bits.

Anyhow, I want to tell him he needs to be more amicable, but I don't want to lose his support and friendship. I'm tired of him getting everything he wants in the mixing and day-to-day, but I could see how he could feel the same way towards me. Anyone older, wiser, more grizzled, and experienced care to help out?
His "support"?

He sounds like a musical douche.
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I have been in both positions in a fairly similar scenario (oddly enough within the same band). Both times we solved things the same way one of us told the other he was being a prick, got copies of the tracks, and tried it ourselves. Ultimately we ended up in an arrangement where we both mix separately, constantly sending each other demos and stealing good ideas from each other. Eventually we pick one we like the most, and whoever didn't mix that one masters it.