I've been playing guitar for over the past 4 years on and off kind of a love/hate relationship, i finally jumped into guitar lessons and grabbed a cheap MIM strat off craigslist for 125 dollars with a few chips and scratches but no overall damage, am now looking for an amp, i don't play live i don't care for a large amount of volume due to roommates and people complaining about noise constantly.

Two amps which i am currently looking at are

Fender Excelsior or a Fender Pro Jr.

Recommendations are welcome..
try the Fender Champion 110..i have one with my MIM strat and i love it!!!sounds great and is very versatile. Very inexpensive as well.
the reason i was looking at those two amps is because i'd like to finally get my hands on a tube amp had a 25r which a friend borrowed and never returned before you left the country... but the 25r honestly gave me nothing but trouble mostly with breaking up after i put the volume up higher then 3
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well if your looking for a nice tube amp the fender pro jr or fender blues jr is great. I really like the sound of fender guitars through fender amps. It's sounds so perfect, like a match made in heaven.
Look for a (used or new depending on budget) Vox AC4c1

The excelcior is nice, but it did have some issues at the start

The Por Jr is decent
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The excelcior is nice, but it did have some issues at the start

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I'd put in a vote for one of the Line 6 Spiders -- maybe the small single speaker options, since you're just getting your start. I'm pretty partial towards those amps.
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I personally wouldn't bother with a tube amp if you can't crank it.
I would suggest trying one of those Yamaha THR babies.
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Or a Vox Pathfinder (15R preferably). Really sweet classic Vox tones outta this.

^just pics off the web
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i heard about the issues with the excelsior at the beginning that is why i am partial to buying it i tried one out at the guitar store and wasn't that impressed with it, the pro jr was nice and i think that will be the way to go, i mostly play blues music so i should be able to use that to get the right tones, has anyone heard anything about the new 9w ramparte
My gear

MIM 2003 Fender Strat
Vox Pathfinder 10
Boss Super Chorus
EHX Big Muff Pi