Hi all,

This is my first post as ive just comemacross this great forum.

Im having problems with my effects pedals ad womdered if somebody could help?

Heres what i have

Digitech vocalist 2 - vocal pedal
Electro harmonix small clone chorus pedal
Line 6 flanger
Digitech looper/delay

The issue i have is that i have to have the guitar go directly imto the vocal pedal to create the harmonies. I have guitar thru from this pedal but i am not getting the sound out to my mixer. The signal from looper if i take out chorus/flamger is also very low.

I have a 4 channel mixer im using to mix my sound before going to the desk just somican sort this out before moving forward. I also have a marshall acoustic 100w amp id like to put into this set up as well.

I want to be able to loop both vox and guitar

I have had y-cables, di boxes, a/b pedals suggested but notmsure what to do.

Any help gratefully received.
It may be a fault of one of the pedals. Try testing the pedals one by one to see if a pedal is broken
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what do you power of them with?
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Vocalist with digitech psu.
Looper with generic psu.
Flanger with generic psu.
Chorus with 9v battery.
Mixer with psu.
Guitar and vocals looping through a single delay pedal is gonna be mushy. Are there 2 inputs in your vocal vaginizer? If so plug your vocal mic into one and your guitar with all pedals but the looper/delay into the other. Then run the vocal vaginizer into the looper into the mixer.

You'd probably be better off just plugging guitar with all pedals and your vocal vaginizer into the mixer seperate. Friends don't let friends loop vocals.
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Maybe try a buffer or a booster at the end, or right after the harmonizer. With 2 inputs in parallel (vocals and guitar into the pedal), you're cutting the signal down. If there is a gain or volume knob on either of the other pedals before the looper, you might be unintentionally using them to boost your dry signal. What you want to do is have a higher dry signal before going into the flanger/chorus. Hope this helps!