Hello yall!

I'm a part of a two-piece band, and when not constantly strumming, I like to set a loop and have a solo while my drummer follows along with the loop. I have been using a Line 6 DL4 to do this, and I found it very simple and very VERY effective, plus, it did some really really cool things, but due to my stupidity, I didn't take very good care of it, and now it's really messed up, but it's by far the best looper I've used. That being said, I've only used three loopers:
TC Electronic Flashback x4
BOSS RC-3 Loop Station

Although the Flashback does some cool, useful things while looping, it is not AT ALL meant for live looping. It's meant for like, I'm all alone with nobody else just layering things. In that sense, it's fantastic! But not for live performances...

So, my question to you all is, what is a different alternative? I've heard great things about the Boomerang III (and saw El Ten Eleven use it magnificently) but that's a bit out of my price range.
I want to spend no more than $300. I'm honestly thinking about just buying a new DL4 because I liked it so much! But if there's a better looper out there, please please tell me!

Thanks in advance!
I use a flashback x4 just fine. Why would you say its not for live use?

If you like the dl4 I'd just get another one. They're pretty easy to find used.
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Don't get me wrong, it's great, but when you're dealing with another band member, it's terrible and is too difficult to use on the fly-at least from my perspective. You have to hold a different button to erase the loop you just made? Ridiculous! With the DL4, I just stop the loop, and then I can record an entirely different one. With the X4, you have to stop the loop, erase it, then record a different one. Too much
Also, the single-loop function doesn't like....repeat when you hit it more than once. With the DL4, I can hit the "Play Once" and then hit it again to start the loop over from the beginning. That's awesome! And if I ****ed up a loop, I can just press that button on the drummer's "1" and the mix sounds great! Like I said, perfect for live looping.

I'm just looking for something different, because the DL4 ain't perfect either. It's just better is all
If you're going for live use, get a Boss RC2/3 footswitch or just buy the RC20/30. Having the second footswitch there for stopping the loop is a lot handier than hitting the same footswitch twice.
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The rc20xl is great, I used one for a few years but I'm kinda turned off by the fact that mine lost its memory and drum guide functions after a couple months. It was no big deal, I don't save my loops, but kinda annoying. And then it lost all functioning in less than 3 years. Not good for a $300 pedal.

Not sayin' don't get an rc20xl, just warning you. For as good as the looper is the Roland service dept blows.
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Just remember on many loop units, the advertised loop time is usually for a mono signal. If you run stereo effects into the delay/looper, you will only get about half of that time. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with my pedal when it would only record for about 20 seconds....I always run two amps and have a stereo chorus and reverb pedal that I like to use.

This wouldn't be a problem for a dedicated looper since they have really long loop memory, but for a delay/looper you need to think about it.
I've seen people do amazing things with those boss loop stations.
I really like the Boss RC-3, my friend has one and it is an excellent piece of gear. I'm getting one as soon as I can.
I just got a Vox Delay lab for it's looper. It's like a DL4 in a lot of ways but I find the delays far more useable and I like the trigger switch opposed to the play once switch on the DL4. It's similarly priced and has double the time of the DL4.