Hi, I'm curious as to what model/price range these guitars are in. My buddy is inquiring about selling them to me, but I do not have a good idea price wise how much to offer.

Here are the pictures of the guitars.

I know the Jackson "V' guitar is a relatively cheaper model. (Has Jackson designed pickups)

Not sure on the other guitar, possibly a cheaper "Dinky" model? (Seymour DESIGNED pickups. I'm guessing its safe to "psssshhh" at this.)

Can you please tell me a good price to offer him on these guitars in "Used" condition, no known hardware problems.

Thank you!

(P.S. He is trying to sell me either or for 200 $ )
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If you had a list of what exactly those guitars were, you would be able to research what they were brand new and what they are used on Ebay for instance. Then you can do an informed offer to your friend.
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They both seem to be Jackson JS series guitars which are cheap new. $200 probably is pretty close to what they are worth in good condition, maybe a bit less
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