I created a login on ultimate guitar recently although I've been using the app for a while and the website for years. I decided to finally sign up and chose to sign in with Facebook to make the account, but that's not an option to log into the UG app, and it won't accept my Facebook username or email address and password to log into the app either....

So what am I supposed to do to log in?

Registering using Facebook doesn't really make a difference. When you log on using Facebook here, you're really just giving UG access to your email (which is what was really used to register with).

If it's the regular Tabs app, your login info should be your username (stockdale3) and password.
I'm not sure it's the same for Tab Pro (the subscription one).
Thanks Joshua,

I have tried both the username and the e-mail I signed up to Facebook with combine with the Facebook password and it didn't work. It said wrong password when I used my username and Facebook password.

But when u sign into UG with Facebook you don't actually put a password in anywhere.
Are you sure you didn't create a password? Because again, for the regular UG Tab app, the login info would be the same as it would be here.

Regardless, try this:
Again, the regular UG Tab app requires your UG username (which again, would be stockdale3) and password. Since you already know your username, we just need the password. So why not try the Forgot Password option inside the app? Just follow that and use your email associated with your Facebook to reset your password.
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