Trying to get some feedback on this Work in Progress! Odd Time Sigs, Polyrhythms, Dorian Mode. Feel free to leave comments or questions!

Opalescent Fortress
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I like the intro guitar tone! Some of the notes sounded off key to me though on the clean guitar. Way too much distortion on the heavy guitar though when it first comes in. This definitely has some odd & inconsistent time signatures. I like most of the melodies, but it seems like the song is having a hard time deciding whether it is heavy or not heavy. Just my opinion. If you like it, that is more important than my opinion. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

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Cool intro, i like how the drums sort of sneak its way into the song. I think the guitar sounded good but maybe a little to full sounded in the mix, the drums should be the one with the full sound, sick song man! I like how you switched from clean to distortion. I think 1:42 maybe just a tad off with the drums. Other that that, ace job!