I got myself a secondhand telecaster, this will sound dumb and I regret it but I couldn't try it, the guy didn't have a guitar cable.

The thing is, I noticed the strings were very rusty. I've been trying it and it sounds clean BUT I felt a buzz while playing the last 3 strings, not a buzz in the output sound itself but a buzz in the strings, like they "vibrate" more than normal. Also I heard some interference noise while playing the last strings and I got so mad at myself for being dumb that I just removed all the strings.

How should I handle the situation? Could the "buzz" thing be because the neck needs to be calibrated? Am I simply f*cked with the interference noise thing? Can I get fixed with new pickups? The guitar was dirty, including the pickups, so I just cleaned it with a slightly humid handkerchief.

Should I just speak with the owner and politely ask for my money back? I feel very mad and dumb at the same time, I'm not saying I got "ripped off", I just had bad judgement and made a bad decision.

The guitar costed me $500, it was technically a "good" deal because they go around $1,000.00 in my country.

EDIT: Just put in some good strings and I managed to confirm that the guitar has some massive fret buzz and dirty interference.

Is asking for PART of my money back and giving the guitar back with new strings my best bet? I'm willing to give him $50.00 for all the trouble as long as I get the rest of the money back.
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Making adjustments on an electric guitar is very easy; google how to set the action.
Don't feel like you made a bad decision, the guitar just needs some TLC.

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I've been testing it some more and some big noises I was hearing might had been my bad headphones. I can still hear a different background hum everytime I play a note but I've been told this is normal on single coils, correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm actually happy with how the guitar sounds, but the strings just feel very loose even though it's perfectly tuned. The strings appear to be too close to the fretboard.

Could anyone confirm if the background hum is normal on single coils and if the fret buzz/loose strings could be due to low action or however you call it when the strings are too close to the fretboard?
select the middle pickup position and the hum should go away. When using the middle position it uses the neck and bridge pickups which should cancel any single coil hum. if there is no hum there then it is working fine
Sounds to me like it just needs a good set up. If its got rusty strings it might have been left somewhere unplayed for a while.

If you cant do it yourself take it to a good guitar tech to give it a once over. For the price of about £30 it'll come back as new