So, I got this new amp, and on the clean channel it has volume, bass, and treble. Pretty standard stuff. But on the second channel, it has gain, bass, "contour", treble, volume, and reverb. So what is "contour", is it just mids? Also, what should I set my amp to so that I can get a smooth jazz kind of sound? (I'm joining the school jazz band in 2 weeks.)
Contour knob is the mids, yeah. But I'm not sure if it works like mid scoop knob or mid boost knob, it depends on the amp (sometimes it's there for cutting the mids, ie if you turn it up, you get less mids). You'll find it out if you just turn the knobs.

For smooth jazz tone you want to use clean sound I guess. Use your neck pickup and maybe turn down your guitar's tone knob a bit. Just experiment with settings. Start with EQ at 12 o'clock and tweak. You know how EQ works.
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