I submitted one of my tabs last week for a The 1975 Song and it got rejected with mind-blowing feedback.
I'm really disappointed by the blatant stupidity and aggressiveness some people show here.

With all the wrong crap tabs that are online I wonder how people can reject a tab with huge explanation about how the song is built up with two guitars, just because the band is only using two chords, layering and some specific strumming patterns.
sorry that the band isn't dragonforce -.-'

Is this the way this usually goes here? Because that would be just pathetic.
Send a link with the tabs. Maybe the information you gave on the tab was interpreted as irrelevant to the tabs, that could be the reason it got rejected.
a quick excerpt from the incredibly productive feedback:

"What the hell is this? Just tab the song out, this is a mess."
"there is no way there is just 2 chords in this song"
"It's not a tab and it's not chords either - well done."

short explanation:
the song is built up with only two triades as backing chords that continue to play in a certain strumming pattern throughout the song.
the rest of the song is layered with pads and a second guitar.

obviously not complex enough for the reviewing audience.

excerpt of my tab:

you only play the highest 3 strings and I would advise you to listen to the song to get the strumming pattern.

followed by explanation for guitar 1, guitar 2 and the whole text with chord notation at the end.

Its not about my tab getting declined. That is perfectly ok for me and I'I'm solely upset about the absolute counterproductive way of feedback.
Well, I can't speak on the correctness or incorrectness about it, but c'mon man. You could at least take the time to tab out the strumming. It might help. I'm not sure. But if you're absolutely sure it's right, just keep trying.
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