Hey! pretty cool song. I dont know much about deathcore so, yeah. I like all the parts to the song, I feel if (or when) you put in vocals, you can easily write enough to make the song longer. The section where the drums pick up, i think around 1:30, i feel like you can do a little pause, would separate the song a bit better and give it a bit more flow. would love to hear this with vocals

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The intro was nice even if it sounded a bit generic to me. The transition to the one note tremolo picking could have been excecuted better but other than that it sounded good. To me this song sounds like it will be carried by a great vocal melody as it can get a bit boring on its own. You could also add some reverb to make the sound less dry

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Sounds like you listen to a lot of Trivium.

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Sounds like you listen to a lot of Trivium.

Also, where's the lows? The guitars are all fizzy and thin from being low- (and high-) cut too high (reference your mixes against bands you like, eg Trivium), and the bass is too quiet to pick up the low end. This makes the whole mix sound weak.
Realy realy good. Great guitar sound. Absolut perfect for this genre. The song has a stable solid Arrangement and i am curious to listen to it with vox. Maybe you could get the tempo up 6 to 10 bpm though i know it s difficult ... and MAYBE (and this is just my opinion) some usage of other note ranges ... maybe an octave higher? But this is just one song i ve heard and it is absolut GREAT and fits to this Metalcore genre. Think you have got somethin very good goin on. And no. I hear the guitars on my AT M50 and have heard them on my BeyerDynamics ... they are NOT fizzy. But it could be a tad more bass

Greatz M

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