Hey people
I need a little advice on how to play licks like this one that involves pull offs and change strings at high speeds.

I can't reposition my fingers fast enough for these kinds of licks, Any advice?
Practice slower and make sure you get every note to ring out as evenly as possible (they won't be even until if/when you do Holdsworthian legato, so just try and get them as smooth as possible). You'll get faster and faster at getting your fingers into position and pulling-off correctly the more you do it.
maybe your pull-off movements are too exaggerated. if your fingertips are properly calloused, even the slightest sideways flick as you lift your finger will be enough to sound the pull-off.

also, the index finger that plays the 10th fret doesn't move as you go to the next string - use that to guide your pinky down?
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also, the index finger that plays the 10th fret doesn't move as you go to the next string - use that to guide your pinky down?

Ahhh of course! I don't have to plant all my fingers at once, just like when you hammer on one finger at a time, you can descend and pull off my pinky to the third finger before my index is on the 10th.
Never thought of that
^ that's what i was gonna say I wasn't sure what you meant when you said "reposition"
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Wait til you get to ascending pull offs!

For serious, though, practice your 3-note per string scales and stuff with all hammers/pulls. It'll get you good at the fast legato runs in a hurry.
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If you really wanna build a solid legato technique, check out John Petrucci's Rock Discipline. Hell, if you wanna build any solid technique, use that video. Cheers for the new DT album dropping today as well (: