Idk what to classify them as but their pretty good.

They are Marks of Existence.....A Canadian band? for a Canadian band they are pretty good..check them out

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"Them"... Riiiight...

Anyway, this is a forum for feedback on songs you've written, and you- sorry, "they"- look like they could use some feedback.

I'd classify this as "generic modern rock". There's not much going on that other Canadian bands don't do already (I'm hearing a lot of Tragically Hip in "Hurricane"). Funny how every time someone says a band "can't be classified", they fit neatly into a popular genre.

So, "The World Is Fading Away": Your singer's okay; he could work on his pitch some more, but it works for now. It's just... he sounds like he's trying to cross James Hetfield with that guy from Bush, and so he puts on this horribly fake "southern drawl" affect that's just painful. His lyrics are flat, too. I've heard pretty much every line a million times on classic rock radio. Tired clichés just don't have as much impact if you've heard them all already.

That clean guitar riff is okay at first, but holy shit, whoever wrote this thing needs to work on their pacing. I'm 4 minutes into this thing (not even halfway), and nothing's changed. Cleans, maybe two or three different progressions, a lazy solo here and there, and the same sluggish drumbeat. I'm not asking you to go full Unexpect or anything, just please, add some variation. Plenty of bands have pulled off eight-and-a-half-minute songs, but not if they slog through the whole thing at the same boring pace. It shouldn't take five and a half minutes for something interesting to happen, especially if it's something you see coming a mile away.

The solo is nothing interesting either, just some slow pentatonic noodling. Tell your- uh, their lead guitarist to mix it up; throw in some little hammer-on licks or bends or whatever in the middle of the slow parts. Learn new techniques. Play along with his favorite solos and see what his idols do. And if he's improvising, he should have some ideas ready beforehand, because winging it isn't working.

Saying this is good "for a Canadian band" is an insult to Devin Townsend, frankly. It's like you're saying Canada somehow has lower standards.

And this is just a personal thing, but for all the useful constructive criticism I just gave, the least you can do is acknowledge you've seen it. You're welcome.