Well, I pulled the trigger on one of these after seeing mostly favorable reviews(some negative reviews about qc, so knock on wood). It should be coming in on Thursday. This is the first "nice" guitar I've bought and I'm really excited, so I figure I would post something here in the meantime to talk about these guitars. Anyone out there play one of these or have played one? I'd be interested to hear more about them. I play mostly Fusion and Prog, but I'll also play metal when I'm bored. Hope it accommodates!

Edit: NGD post below.
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I've only played Steinbergers very briefly, but the experience was good. The guys I've known that owned them really liked them. I'd image you'll be pretty happy with the purchase if you're cool with the tuners being on the opposite end haha.
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Well, apparently it's coming today, so expect a full on NGD post filled with pictures, audio samples, videos, and impressions. I want to make sure other people have something to look at before buying one of these in the future.
Well UPS shit on me. It looks like I have to wait until Monday. Never UPS again. FedEx master race.

It's out for delivery. Pics tonightttt!
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As promised here are pictures, I'm going to do a detailed description in a minute here, but my experience thus far is very, VERY positive, so soon!
Also, pink strap, haha.

In a fashion similar to the review page on here, here's the run down of what's going on with this thing. I'll add audio and video later, but I'm going to try to be as comprehensive as possible in order to help out individuals who really want to know what this thing is all about...

Features: Let's start with the basics. Two EMG humbuckers fully active with an active EQ circuit and a blend switch to go between the normal pickups and the piezo. Holy shit, there's so many tonal options here it's nutty. There's also a rolling capo that sits in these grooves on the neck and can slide up to the 11th fret. 24 frets on this beast and a locking mechanism at the top that takes single ball end strings so that you're not forced to buy double ball. It has a 28-5/8" scale length that feels surprisingly natural. I am still adjusting to it, but with 9's on it, the string tension is pretty perfect. I also slapped Ernie Ball Colbalts on this and these strings are actually pretty nice. The graphite reinforced neck must hold up well, because after shipping from Tennessee to California, it was still in tune. Phenolic fretboard is interesting. Not really sure what big difference it makes, but hey, it looks cool! I wish there were a trem on here, as that's the only thing I'm missing, but it's no big deal, I still have more than enough gizmos to make my sound really pop.

Sound: I usually hate EMG's with a passion, but with the active EQ, I dialed in beautiful sounding cleans and crushing distortions. The EMG's are not forgiving, so I'll have to make sure my technique stays on par. The Piezo blend is a really nice option, but I haven't had the time to fully explore the tonal depth that has to offer. I imagine there'll be so much I can do with this guitar. I thought it sounded pretty decent, yet dull when I pulled it out of the box, but a string change has made this thing scream. It's so resonant; I'm lost for words. Whatever Ned inputted on this design has made this thing kick ass. I can really see this as being my everything guitar.

Action, Fit & Finish: Alright. First the bad. Because I bought this second hand, I can't really tell what came this way from the factory and what was done by the previous owner. There's some obvious factory flaws, though, like filled in spots near the fret edges where some of the phenolic fretboard was chipped during what I can only assume was the fret pressing. There are little scratches where the neck meets the body and I think those can be attributed to poor sanding, but honestly there's nothing majorly wrong with this guitar aesthetic wise. This being taken into account, the guitar is beautiful. It has a gorgeous flamed maple top and a beautiful burst. It plays so well, I couldn't ask for better action. I'm still adjusting to the 28-5/8" scale, so frets spacing does still feel odd, but I can shred all day. I tuned it to E standard with 9's and I'd be hardpressed to tell the difference in string tension between this and a normal 25.5" guitar. It may be a little tighter, but I think that makes the sound pop just that much more.

Reliability & Durability: I can't say much here, because I've only owned this for a day. It came shipped in tune from Tennessee to California and with that climate change, you'd assume the neck would warp. It seems stable as all hell. I'll come back in a month and edit this to tell you experience with this live, but I'd feel comfortable playing this without a backup.

Overall Impression: I would buy another one if this was somehow damaged or stolen. I really hope this isn't just a honeymoon phase, but I honestly don't have any regrets, yet, picking this guitar up. I'll make sure I check back in a month later to really see how I feel about this, but everything is coming up Milhouse. If any of you have a question, ask and I'll post a response and post it back here. I want this to serve as a record for these guitars, seeing as there's little out there about them.

Edit: Three days have passed and any regret is negligible. I have noticed that there is some slight ringing on the lowest of frets, so I may need to take her in and get the zero fret worked on, which would be fine and expected since it is used. Surprisingly, none of the ringing comes through the amp. I'm going to work to thin the heard a bit, because this guitar has killed the desire to keep my strat and Ibanez. I'm also much more interested in obtaining a Parker because of this graphite business. Looks like I'm gonna be saving up. I'll continuously update this to keep everything up to date with experimentation. I still really like these EMG's, but I'm considering trying out some Lace pickups in here. I wouldn't count on it happening soon, but it's a possibility. Love and peace!

Edit: Changed out the pickups for some Dimarzios, here's a vid with the Tone Zone in the bridge...
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It certainly is! I'll hopefully find time tonight to add some video demos. I'm performing live this weekend, so I'll add videos from that on here too.