I've got to say, I REALLY like that opening riff, it has a really cool groove to it. Over all the riffs in this are all pretty good, but they just seem to lack cohesion, like they should be in different songs or something. I mean there's nothing wrong with putting them all in the same song but you might want to work on some transitioning between the riffs.

The second measure in the second riff sounds a little awkward too, the rest of it sounds pretty solid despite the time signatures.

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each section is nice on its own but it feels a bit disjointed - the intro bit is wayyyy too repetitive as well
I liked it. I'm not sure if this was your intention, but I feel like this would sound really good with vocals on it, and like the intro riff, which you use a couple times, is probably awesome and more driving when played with an actual guitar. The riff that starts at 11 sometimes sounds a little awkward in terms of conventional rhythm, but if that was your intent it works well (personally, I like that kinda stuff)
im with allthatichug; the intro is pretty damn repetitive. as for the whole thing, it wasnt too bad, but i wouldnt say its all that progressive. idk how long youve been doing prog metal, but it seems a little too "try-hard" if you know what i mean. real progressiveness should come naturally, otherwise its pretty easy to spot out

sorry i cant think of more to say. but overall, it wouldnt make a bad melodic metal/metalcore song (some riffs remind me somewhat or all that remains), but its not very "progressive"