The Flash Fever is Saint-Petersburg, Russia based power-trio playing 70s influenced pschodelic fuzz-rock. They did a couple of EP's in 2011 and finally came up with the debut LP in 2013.
The album from Saint-Petersburg, Russia based power-trio The Flash Fever shows a bright palette of influences and genres. Although in general it is 70s inspired fuzzy psychedelic rock one can find something from stoner, progressive rock, funk and even hip-hop there. Fast loud and fuzzy riffs stand nearby tuneful choruses which are flavored with bluesy solos. All that components are mixed in turmoil of madness and heavy vibes.
It's free to listen on download on the bandcamp site
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Album was released by Anazitisi Records.
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I checked you guys out, and this is some good shit. Extremely catchy. And the vocals sound American instead of the expected heavy Slavic accent (I'm Polish so I know a thing or two about slavic accents :P)