Hi guys!
I'm thinking of buying a 68' Fender Bassman Silverface 50 watts.
I play gretsch guitar - some 80s korean silver jet styled stuff. Btw good and fat one!
I do some kinda oldschool hard-blues-rock (maybe some stoner), inspired by zz top and led zep, so i do not aprecciate neither hi gain nor absolutely clea sound and like the crunchy and fat one...
So the question is would you recommend me to chose this fender bassman amp?
Maybe some other suggestions or advices.
sure, sounds like a good idea to me. if you get a '68 i'd recommend taking it to a good tech and getting a once over as caps from those older amps tend to go bad. while yer at it you may be able to get him to 'blackface' the amp by changing a couple cheap parts out.

i own a '69 blackfaced twin and i absolutely love it.
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So...can any twin be "blackfaced"?
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I've played through a few old Bassmans, but that was back in the '70s
They're chock full of tone though, no question. You'll need an OD or distortion pedal to do ZZ Top & Zeppelin though. The Bassmans I played had nowhere near that level of gain, even cranked. I wouldn't mind having one.
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i have a '68, but it was modded, it sounded good thouogh. i haven't taken it apart really, to see what was done, but the PT was blown but replaced with mercury magnetics, so maybe they knew what they are doing a little bit.

i got it cheap with intentions of rebuilding back to, a black face. my to do list is extremely long, but its a nice sounding amp. mine is an AB165
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So...can any twin be "blackfaced"?

not really.

silverface twins were contructed using similar methods as blackfaces (handwired, board mounted circuits) and also used many of the same components. early silverface twins (before ~71/72) were easily converted to blackface specs with a couple of parts getting changed out and some small modifications. later silverfaces started using different transformers and were quite different by then.
punk isn't dead, it's always smelled that way.

"A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem."